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Marie Preston

After 25 years and now 18 separate tumours, Marie Preston relates how she has refused to allow cancer to deny her of her faith, her love of family & friends,  and her drive to serve her local community. These truly inspirational memoirs of a life full of astounding achievements, including the Anglican Church of Aotearoa/ New Zealand ( 2013)  on the world stage by presenting a paper on behalf of the Faith Nursing Community – Marie is frequently asked to share her life-affirming stories of courage and commitment while Living with Cancer.


By Marie Preston

This Is Living – With Cancer


Within this book, Marie recounts the original diagnosis in the mid 90s, a stage 4 tumour on her head with a prognosis of only a handful of years to live. Marie shares this journey with this heinous affliction, defying all odds on many occasions to live a full and active life.

In “This is Living with Cancer,” Marie openly shares how she has not allowed cancer to become a catastrophic interruption to life, but how she has chosen to carry on with life in the face of death.

Now in her 70s with 3 children and 5 grandchildren, Marie is not tumour free, and continues with regular visits to her oncologist, however, she remains a beacon of hope and light to other cancer patients in her community and a huge support to their families and friends.


I have just read the draft of her book My Journey with Cancer and have continued over the years to ask our Lord
It is not a journey, its a marathon. I do not think any of us realise just how much Marie has suffered because she never  complains and is always concerned about the welfare of others.
Her generosity, hospitality and love for her family and friends is unlimiting.

– Mary Needs

Friend, Nurse & Spiritual Anchor


Thank you for your gift of friendship, your enormous love and gesture and your ability to push on and maintain that grit through those years. It was not easy but you have defeated death and cancer too many  times.

– Leina Isno

Midwife, Registered Nurse
Junior Doctor (from Tuvalu)


Life can be many things, but Living is a gift, a journey, a blessing, a trial, a victory, a celebration.
For those who have been fortunate to be part of this Living treasure’s world of influence, we have been blessed knowing there is someone who loves generously, without reservation, the rare person that really cares.

– Rob adams

Son, Photographer